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March 2011

Art Of Decision Making- Two day workshop by Dr Errol based on Analytical Hierarchy Process(AHP) More .

Thought for the day
Knowledge improves your intellect.
Habit improves your future.

Smart Lab is a company that was established to provide a specialized solution to individual learning need. The company was started in Sep 2009 by a group of individuals with common goal and with an approximate erstwhile corporate experience of 40 years. We believe that each individual has an inherent talent that can be nurtured. Our main focus is to work on the strength of the individuals to enable them to be successful.

Our Mission statement
To guide individuals to achieve and sustain the key to their success.
Our Vision statement
To make Smart Lab a holistic value based learning organization comprising of “World Class” professionals transforming our trainees seamlessly towards holistic living.
Few Unique Features
Experiential Learning is our key approach

A rich pool of professionals who mix the theory with practical aspects through which     participant’s gets hands on knowledge.

We have systematic follow up and monitoring system after the training so as to provide     post training counseling and support services.

Cordial relationship, discipline and personal guidance for personality development and     socialization with fellow trainees offer excellent scope for effective learning.

Training programs are designed for wider potential reach.

Empowerment model – Builds on strengths and competencies of the trainees and extends     their knowledge skill and confidence.

Active skills training method which includes Modeling, Rehearsal, Feedback and Homework     tasks. Segments from video tapes will also be used to demonstrate positive skills.

Training can be tailored to fit the needs of the students / professionals / individuals.

Participants are encouraged to develop self regulation skills throughout the training and     accreditation process via self-monitoring, self-evaluation, problem solving etc.
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