Have you ever wondered what a good decision is? If you think it is one that produces the desired outcome,
sadly it’s a limited definition.

Are you seeking an ideal decision. Well, that’s a dream. However, an optimal decision is achievable.

Real world decisions are multi dimensional – criteria, candidates, and decision makers. Common sense and
gut feel are just not enough. Are we just solving problems and using these techniques to make decisions?

At one end we have mathematicians working on artificial intelligence, neural networks, fuzzy logic, robotics,
etc.; and at the other end behavioral scientists and neurobiologists are studying human behavior and the brain.
Do you know how to benefit from these advances?

Once you make the decision, would you like to validate your decision before you move to the implementation

Are your “team decisions” victims of “Groupthink”? Most folk within teams – just go along to get along!

Even though you have been making decisions, all your life…. …. in today’s world of information overload,
where you have to deal with multi-dimensional decision-making, gut-feel and common-sense techniques are
woefully inadequate. If you want to make “top-notch” decisions, you too need to be (re)trained.

Can you afford to perpetuate the “learn on the job” practice, or are you willing to train your staff? In today’s
competitive environment, you cannot survive on sub-optimal decisions!

When you say, “we made a good decision”, you mean that it produced the desired outcome! Sadly, you have
to wait for the outcome, before you can pronounce success or failure. Furthermore, even a “good” decision”
might not produce the desired results, if we fail in the implementation phase! Ideally we need a method that
would give us confidence that we made the “optimum” decision. The XpertUS Decision Support System gives
you exactly what you need.

This robust technique was developed by Dr. Errol, author of the book “The Art of Making Decisions”, based
on the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), to help you consistently make better and defensible decisions.

Dr. Errol comes with over 25 years of experience in Optimization, Creative Thinking, Decision-Making and
Strategic Planning for Shell Oil Co., Petroleos de Venezuela, Abu Dhabi National Oil Co., Williams and Enron.

His key contributions include publication of his book “The Art of making decisions”, publications on topics
relating to Management, Engineering and Economics and guest speaker for Petroleum Engineers. Several of
his consulting projects have included negotiations on behalf of international clients.

In 1990, Dr. Errol developed his groundbreaking decision-making methodology. Initially, it was developed at
Shell Oil Co., as a technique for deciding where to drill for oil, based on seismic studies from different locations.
Today, this process is used in disciplines as diverse as Budgeting, Career Planning, Safety Audits, Real Estate,
Purchasing, Bid Evaluation, Recruiting, Performance Evaluations, Customer Rankings and Team Selections.

Enclosed is a link to test to check on your Decision Making skills Click here.

Request you to attempt the demo test and let me know your inputs and confirmation to participate in the workshop
/ seminar. The Workshop is scheduled between 7th to 9th of March 2011